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Tropic Marin Marine Salt
The Salt For The Purest Sea Water.

Tropic Marin sea salt is manufactured from pharmaceutically pure salts and is based upon the most recent scientific analysis of the tropical oceans. It is free from synthetic additives and contains no nitrates, phosphates or silicates. Tropic Marin Sea Salt turns fresh water into salt water, which is practically indistinguishable from natural seawater.

The Salt With The True-To-Life Trace Elements.

Tropic Marin Sea Salt contains all 70 trace elements in the natural concentrations of the ocean. No more, no less. Because of the unique application of the mixed salt crystals, the trace elements remain completely usable in the water. This method prevents the otherwise frequent precipitation of the trace elements and provides the organisms with the elements without chelates and in a biological form, which is directly usable by them. Only Tropic Marin has this unique «mixed crystal» technology.

Tropic Marin Sea Salt
comes in a variety of sizes:
25 gallon box $12.95
50 gallon box $18.95
200 gallon bucket $59.95

Key Benefits:
- True to Nature
- Pharmaceutical Ingredients to insure high purity
- Scientific Formula
- Contains all 70 Trace Elements
- Special Hydrates of Salt
- Precision of Manufacturing

Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Salt

This new sea salt, Tropic Marin PRO-REEF is adjusted to the specific requirements of modern reef tanks: optimized calcium and magnesium concentrations promote coral growth and ease the care of even very sensitive hard corals. With Tropic Marin PRO-REEF, the buffering system and pH-level have been especially adapted to stabilize the natural water conditions and to accommodate the use of calcium supplements or calcium reactors.

PRO-REEF was tested successfully in our in-house research facility and also in the aquaria of advanced reef hobbyists. It forms the ideal biosphere for delicate invertebrates, especially hard corals.
PRO-REEF is produced under the same principles of highest quality as the proven Tropic Marin sea salt:

• Manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical grade salts, free from nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted chemicals.
• Contains all major and all 70 trace elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water.
• Production under scientific supervision in the most modern facilities designed for the preparation of high-purity pharmaceuticals.
• Perfect solubility and highest homogeneity of the mixture.

The new Tropic Marin PRO-REEF is available in following sizes:

4 kg box for 120 l / 30 US-gal. $16.95

25 kg bucket for 750 l 200 US-gal. $69.95


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