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In many aquariums, parasites and microbial diseases can appear on new corals especially Acropora corals that are weakened and stressed by transport. Due to the lack of natural enemies, these parasites and diseases propagate and spread quickly in the aquarium. Since they are almost invisible to the naked eye the parasites are only perceived when damage is already substantial.

Therefore it is recommended to preventively treat all newly purchased Acropora corals with PRO-CORAL CURE and to apply PRO-CORAL CURE to all corals which have been attacked by flatworms. Treatment is done by a bath of 10-15 minutes.

Besides flatworms PRO-CORAL CURE is also effective against parasitic sea spiders (Pantopoda) and microbial diseases.
Tropic Marin PRO-CORAL CURE is a highly effective iodine preparation against parasitic flatworms that can be found on corals, especially Acropora.

Available as:
PRO-CORAL CURE 200 ml/6.76 fl.oz.

Key features of PRO-CORAL CURE:- Effective iodine preparation against parasitic flatworms that can be found on corals, especially Acropora.
- Easy use and application
- Bottle includes a dosing pump.
- pH of the bath is adapted to saltwater conditions.
Aiptasia anemones get into the aquarium on live rock or newly purchased corals. Once in the aquarium they spread quickly and are difficult to remove mechanically. Corals and other sessile inhabitants get stung and killed by these pest anemones. For this reason, it is important to control them early with Tropic Marin ELIMI-AIPTAS.

Tropic Marin ELIMI-AIPTAS is effective against Aiptasia anemones and other unwanted cnidarians. It is easy to inject into the Aiptasia anemone at its base with the included syringe. ELIMI-AIPTAS is quick and reliable with no effect on water chemistry.

Available as:
ELIMI-AIPTAS 50 ml / 1.69 fl.oz.


Key features of ELIMI-AIPTAS:- Effective against Aiptasia anemones and other unwanted cnidarians.
- Easy use and application by the help of the enclosed syringe.
- No effect on water chemistry.

Tropic Marin® PRO-TECT
Creating and maintaining optimum water condition in marine aquariums.Tropic Marin® PRO-TECT improves water quality in marine aquariums by including a combination of highly effective active compounds. PRO-TECT also replenishes many trace elements depleted by precipitation, protein skimming and the daily metabolic activity of the tank inhabitants. Tropic Marin® PRO-TECT contains protective colloids that safeguard the sensitive mucous membranes of the fish from germs and promote the regeneration of its protective coating. Additionally, PRO-TECT aids in the stabilization of the water’s pH contributing to a healthier environment for the aquarium’s animals.By greatly increasing the efficiency of the protein skimmer, PRO-TECT facilitates the removal of organic pollutants and helps maintain a clear, clean aquatic environment.

Application and dosage (for the 1000 ml bottle):
By gently squeezing the bottle, the desired amount of PRO-TECT can be released into the dosing chamber.Dosage: 10 ml of PRO-TECT will effectively treat 110 litres / 30 gallons of aquarium system water. The amount of PRO-TECT needed will vary with tank population, water condition and frequency of water changes. Dosage may be increased to 20 ml per 30 gallons without any harmful effects. Tropic Marin® recommends a minimum of 10% water change every two weeks.

200ml bottle
500ml bottle
1000ml bottle

Lugol´s Solution for saltwater aquaria

Of all the trace elements found in natural sea water, iodine is associated with the widest range of effects. Iodine prevents goitre as an important component of the thyroid hormone. It also is essential for the hardening of the chitinous shell of crustaceans. Corallinaceous red algae deposit iodine in surface structures and gorgonias deposit it in the axial skeleton.

Experiments clearly show that PRO-CORAL IODINE improves the adaptation to light and the colouring of anthozoa, especially of hard corals.
Due to its unstable nature in solution, iodine should be added to a marine aquarium on a regular basis.
PRO-CORAL IODINE contains iodine in its most effective form, as elementary I2.
Application: Add one drop of PRO-CORAL IODINE per 200 litres / 50 gallons of aquarium system water volume in the circulation flow of the system daily. If a dosage day is missed, skip that dose. Do not make up lost days by adding doses together.Iodine demand increases with aquarium population density. In heavily populated aquaria dosage may be increased up to the maximum dosage below.Maximum dosage: Do not exceed a maximum dosage of two drops per 50 gallons of aquarium system water volume per day.

50ml glass bottle



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