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Acropora tortuosa
Becker tort
The original tort!
Beautiful Blue and purple
body with purple polyps.
A Tyree Limited



Montipora capricornis
'Japanese cap'
Green with purple rim.  
Hard to find color variation.
Moderate lighting.



Acropora tortuosa
Blueberry tort
Grown from a gragment ,
this unusual coral is a
nice light blue/purple
color moderate to strong
lighting, moderate flow.

3/4" - $60



Acropora horrida
Green w/cream polyps
May be kept under moderate to
strong lighting. Moderate flow

1" - $34


Acropora kimbeensis
Green/cream body and polyps
Very fuzzy! Slow to moderate
flow and lighting

3/4 "-$40


A. microphthalma
Green w/ blue tips
Thin branches, fast growing
Moderate lighting, moderate
to strong flow.

1" - $35



Yellow tort
A. austera. A very popular coral.
Nice Yellow body and polyp
coloration definitely an
eye catcher.



Seriatopora hystrix
Atlantis Birdsnest
Pink with Green Tips
fine compact branch
growth. Low to moderate
light. A Tyree LE



Acropora turaki
Green w/purple tips
A hardy and uncommon colral.
Simlar to A. echinata
Moderate growth.
Moderate to high lighting




Acropora navini
Purple cream body with bright
green polyps. Moderate flow,
Med to high lighting.
A Tyree Limited

1" - $70


Ponape Seriatopora
Pink and Green
An exceptionally beautiful coral
Requires low light and low to
moderate flow. A Tyree Limited



Acropora lovelli
Mike Paletta
Turquoise Lovelli
Moderate to stong flow
Moderate to high light
A Tyree limited

1" - $65



Green Polyped Sunset Coral
The real thing from original colny.
Orange body with bright green
polyps. A Tyree Limited

Market Price


Tyree Bali Tri-color
This coral an intense purple
and blue coloration with
bright green polyps Low
to moderate lighting.
A favorite!!



Montipora aquituberculata
Bright green body and polyps
Low lighting and moderate
to low flow. Interesting vertical
nodule growth. A Tyree Limited



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